Shiloh’s Chomey Noy

After seeing the Hexwing I drew for Brielle, Shiloh asked if I’d draw her invented creature, Chomey Noy. She invented this word when she was four and it makes me smile! She says it’s like a dragon and a puppy, and can morph into any other animal, but it has a base form, which is what I’ve illustrated here.

I’m also posting the quick ink sketch I did in my journal, which I used as a reference on my iPad. This style is very much like a three color wood cut. My old printmaking degree comes in handy often…thanks Jim Jereb:)

The sketch out of my journal

Hexwing 2

Brielle was not taken with the first concept, which is great (see the previous post where I rendered a made-up creature for my daughter’s story). It is important to her that this creature appear very feminine. Fair enough. I focused in on the face this time. I thought about pulling this into ProCreate and filling out the rest of the body with some color added. We’ll see!


An epic journey into an underworld for the allure of perceived beauty. Upon arriving, what will the desire-driven pilgrims discover at the end of the rainbow? What might the entangled labyrinth beyond indicate, or the guarding sentinels aside the sprawling nude queen? She proudly sits atop an imposing trophy – the skull of a mighty, slain foe decorated with elaborate feathers and encrusted precious stone. How will the encounter unfold?