Self Indulgence

The allure of instant pleasure always appears one way…then ends in another. We all joke about addiction, but for those in one, it’s like existing in an ongoing cyclone of hell. Self-loathing, chaos, self-delusion and destructive consequences are the underbelly of indulgent vice. Living for excessive pleasure ushers in the opposite of happiness. It’s akin to being enticed and swallowed by a writhing, deceptive beast in the dark. Nothing but black flames and lonely chains are in store for unbridled self-indulgence.

The contrasting chess board and distant mountains indicate thoughtful, intentional life can lead to something better for the patient. The curvy chessboard speak to the unpredictable twists and turns that confront even the best living strategies. No one gets a free pass; and yet, there is hope for the diligent.

I’ve worked on this piece off and on for the last few months. It’s probably the first 100% digital work that started and ended on the iPad Pro. Many of my recent drawings start on paper, I then scan and finish them on my iPad.


An epic journey into an underworld for the allure of perceived beauty. Upon arriving, what will the desire-driven pilgrims discover at the end of the rainbow? What might the entangled labyrinth beyond indicate, or the guarding sentinels aside the sprawling nude queen? She proudly sits atop an imposing trophy – the skull of a mighty, slain foe decorated with elaborate feathers and encrusted precious stone. How will the encounter unfold?